Trump so befuddled on health insurance, he thinks it costs $1 a month when you're 21


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Trump so befuddled



Where does this cheap insurance come from? My individual silver plan is fucking 1300 per month, over 15k per year. Its more than my mortgage and it ridiculous. A bronze plan is not that much less. When I started I had the subsidies but it was never that cheap - 6-800 at the lowest.


In another comment thread,

“The president thinks Health Insurance works like Life Insurance.”


Who knew that blowing smoke up your own ass was a cure for ignorance?


The rich live in a completely different world than the rest of us. And when they are as incurious as Trump that can lead to TRULY amazing levels of ignorance.


Compelxities…“prove” not “proves”


I pay around $5000 a year on health insurance, being a self-employed independent contractor. And that’s (a) with a group plan, (b) as a healthy nonsmoker, and © in a state that’s had “obamacare” for over a decade.

I can’t imagine what I’d be paying in NYC or California. A wee tad bit more than $1/month or even $12/month (if, indeed, he ‘misspoke’).




Why I’m thinking that all if that stuff with the senators really happened, they were all being sarcastic and he could not realize it?

"Oh yes President. You know SO MUCH "


So if I choose not to buy a new iPhone I can afford decades of insurance.


Also it should be noted that Trump apparently thinks “health insurance” is actually “life insurance”, where you pay a little bit when you’re young, build up value, and get a “nice plan” when you’re 70 and can say “I want my insurance”. He thinks it’s basically a 401k. This interview shows clearly that the president literally doesn’t know what health insurance is.


Well…it does technically work the same as Life Insurance, its just that the dollar figures are far different. The principles involved are the same however.

Regardless, he is clueless on either anyway. :slight_smile:


You referring to the Slot/Jezebel article? Joanna found some real gems!


He’s confusing health insurance with term life insurance.


Well to be fair the health insurance plans that will be offered under Trumpcare will only cost $1. Granted, the only thing you’ll get from these plans is a nice new shiny insurance card, but they will only cost $1 per month.


He thinks term life and health insurance are the same thing. He actually thinks as a 21 year old you can just pay $12 a year and if you do that you’ll have really great insurance when you get old. The man is an ignorant idiot. He’s never spent a day in his entire life even thinking about something like life insurance or health insurance, let alone worrying about it.