US wants to issue search warrants to Microsoft in EU territory

This is rather concerning - the US Government claims it can issue search warrants from the USA that affect Microsoft’s Dublin operation.

In Britain, we’re legally obligated to ensure all personal data is processed inside the EU. Quite a few organisations use cloud-based Microsoft Exchange for email, and that’s only possible because Microsoft hosts their service in Dublin. If the USA starts issuing subpoenas that target data held in Europe, we could be sued for breaching data protection


Rather concerning is an understatement!

Be careful what you ask for…

I wonder what would be the position of the US Government if China issued a search warrant for emails stored on Apple’s servers here in the US.

yeah… just subpoena Foxcon for Apple’s data…

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That’s pretty much my point. Apple has “operations” in China, so (by the logic of the US claim against Microsoft’s servers in Dublin) China can subpoena any of Apple’s data, no matter where it’s hosted, including in the USA.

It chaps my butt to be supporting Micro$oft, but I think they are in the right on this case.

A great way to ruin the tattered remains of reputation of the US corporations, worldwide.

It’s kind of guilty fun watching this from the sidelines. Sort of like watching a trainwreck in progress in slow motion.

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