USB cord turns off laptop—or wipes it— when disconnected

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Literally only serving the criminal market. The promo video on their site even shows DPR :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So the only people who could possibly worry about easy government access to their data are criminals? (I suppose that dissidents in autocratic countries are technically criminals…)


That’s what I thought when I saw a different article about this product which emphasized data destruction. But reading this one that talks about locking the computer or doing log outs and a shut down, I’m reminded that there was a rash of laptop snatching thefts from coffee shop patrons in my area - not backpacks with computers in them, but laptops being snatched from people as they type on them, with the brazen thieves then running to a waiting car to drive off. That kind of theft leaves your laptop unlocked and ripe for identity theft since many people have stored logins for their email accounts, web accounts and more.

These days Macbooks no longer come with slots for a Kensington laptop lock, which is not surprising given the amount of space required for the slot, but it removes one of the best casual theft deterrents. The USB cable won’t prevent theft of the physical computer, but protecting my accounts from being hacked is still very important. So I think this or a similar device can a be valid security device for everyday people who use laptop computers in public places.


ReBoing! in only 12 minutes


This is bullshit, and you know it.

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