Use the original IBM PC (and play Adventure) in your browser

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The simulation isn’t really accurate, assuming that it’s supposed to be the original, first BIOS.

At boot up, the only thing on the screen should be the cursor, blinking for about three minutes before something (anything!) appears, giving you no indication whatsoever until then that the computer actually works now that you’ve reseated all the RAM.


Oh dear, you seem to have died of nostalgia. I might
be able to help you out, but I’ve never really done this
before. Do you want me to try to reincarnate you?


Call me when they bring back Planetfall. I want to relive Floyd’s death over and over and over.

After we play Hucka Bucka Beanstalk of course.


The Adventure disk seems to be empty?

Requires Java unfortunately. If you’re not limited to in-browser you can download a proper interpreter, and it’s not too hard to find the entire Infocom library, although I won’t post a link here.

You can also buy it legitimately for iOS and probably Android.


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