Evolution simulator runs in browser

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Link for the BBS.

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But evolution doesn’t exist? My pastor said so!

Something similar in 3D: http://www.framsticks.com/. It’s been around for a long time, I remember playing with it maybe 15 years ago. Todays computing capacity should allow for some interesting creatures there.

This is cool, but it makes me wonder, are there any more elaborate evolution simulators with nice (but not overly gussied up) graphics you can get for a home computer nowadays? Back in the 90s I hoped that Moore’s Law would allow for a nice home version of something like Karl Sims’ virtual creatures by the early 2000s, but so far I haven’t seen anything like that.

Edit: I was writing up this comment as aronvanammers posted, framsticks looks like the sort of thing I was looking for…if anyone knows any others (preferably mac-friendly) please post 'em.

He should update his text book.


No, the Bible says that Jaysus! walked with dinosaurs and that red cups are evil and that we was created by God to be perfect!! And the Bible ain’t ever wrong!

I think we need an ‘intelligent design’ simulator.

‘See if you can do better than God! Design creatures with non-functioning parts! Make them LOVE you!!’

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I think EA’s Spore turned everyone off the idea of evolution-sim games for a good decade.


If EA hadn’t been more or less defiling Maxis’ corpse by that point, it might have turned out differently. Much of the fun in SimEarth, SimLife, SimAnt, etc. was playing pitiless and inscrutable god; but that’s because they knew how to make games that didn’t suck.

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