Use this one weird trick to earn 1/5th of a penny: pee in a toilet

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I’m in the wrong business.


As on the planet Bethselamin, every time you go to the lavatory it is vitally important to get a receipt.


The ancient Romans (and probably others) used pee as a cleaning fluid. Public urinals paid you!

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This is no joke to those who’ve read about the terrible air quality in Delhi (which is of course not Ahmedabad); see also here and here by the same author, and here for more numbers.

Just the other day my liberal, tolerant wife was expressing her disbelief that a billion people don’t see any reason not to shit just about anywhere. Cats and ants do better. She had read in an article that studies found that much of the childhood stunting in India was due not to malnutrition but to repeated exposures to the ubiquitous disease carrying human feces.

Now all they need to do is
1: Build enough public toilets to support the population
2: Figure out how to provide them with the water they need to operate when the country has massive, life-threatening water shortages for a large part of every year.
3: Physically maintain them to keep workable (never mind clean…)
4: Make them secure so that people (in particular women) aren’t actually scared to use them for fear of robbery/rape/etc


Okay, that’s India off the itinerary. What’s left?

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So… if you spend a penny, they’ll refund you 1/5?


Use Prickbait to Improve Your Flow


so how much do you get for a deuce?


You clever bastard…

I bet it’s rupees or something similar though (too lazy to google small indian coin denominations).

Toilet Paper: 2 Rupees

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1/5th of a penny? :unamused:

The INR is trading at around 64 to the USD right now. A Rupee would be 0.64 of a penny…

It’s not worthless; you can get a short bus ticket for about that much in many places. Or a little candy if that’s what you prefer.

Now, one paisa on the other hand… So valueless they don’t even coin anything below 50p anymore!

You are correct that 1/5 of a penny is wrong, and you had the right exchange rate, but 0.64 of a penny is also wrong.

100 cents/64 rupees = 1.5625 pennies per rupee.

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