Watch: Women taunt men for peeing in public in new pipe ad in India

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The most beautiful moment of all is the last few seconds, when the next generation prepares to take her turn…


And then the men leave the seat down when they pee into the toilet…


Or worse, when boys leave the seat UP causing Mom to fall in and accidentally flush at the same time, which leads directly to Mom’s death and the TSA [Toilet Safety Administration] and seat belts on toilets and even worse !


200,000 diarrheal deaths

Um, not high on my list of places to visit.


Cell phones but no indoor plumbing? (Or plumbing at all?) Somebody’s gotten their Sid Meier’s Civilisation tech level files corrupted.


Phones are surprisingly cheap for what they offer. When considering a toilet, there’s the toilet, which costs so much, and then there’s the plumbing. Not to mention, when building a shanty home, you don’t usually bring a back hoe to dig out a place for a septic tank. Also not to mention, many people lack a continuous source of water to begin with, especially in India, so that’s out. At best we’re looking at an outhouse with a shallow pit, directly adjacent to your house. Now imagine everyone in the slum manages to get their own outhouse, great, until those shallow pits get full and somewhere between sleeping, working, and shitting, someone’s gotta empty it or things are going to get bad.

Even on a basic level, you need a sewer, and then where does that empty out? But even to have a sewer, you need some level of infrastructure investment, and you need housing for people to go somewhere while the infrastructure is built, that’s the problem, they don’t have either.

I understand you may be joking, but in case you’re not ^


I recall some organization started a campaign a few years ago urging Indian women to refuse marriage until the potential husband could offer a toilet. It was aimed at rural villages, and outhouse construction. I wonder if that ever got any traction.


Interestingly, the lack of outhouses was a major health problem in the Southern US before Reconstruction.



(Also, cell phones are cheaper than infrastructure.)


Taunt me while I pee? Kinky.


This is a problem humans solved over 3000 years ago. At some point you either have to shit or get off the pot.

Plus, cell phone networks are deployed by the Invisible Hand. Plumbing, however, requires investments that are frowned upon by international institutions and trade organizations.

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