Used liquor store




Misleading headline; implies opened/used liquor accepted in trade


See, when you said ‘used liquor’ I thought it meant liquor after your digestive system had gotten to it.


Also, the name of the place is liquor off!!! LIQUOR-OFF!!! Get it!!!



I really want to know if there’s some brand they just refuse to take. (“No! No more Malort!”), or that more to the point, if some brands are over represented at Liquor Off than at a more traditional liquor store.


Like a second-hand bookshop for booze? I’m sold.


So now you can recycle megabrews without pouring it though a kidney first. Nifty.


Second-hand booze should get you well on your way to your second-liver.


That’s absolutely what it means to me. Who ever heard of unopened liquor?




The romance-novel of liquor.


Isn’t used booze the same thing as urine?


Fresh urine, or stale urine?

And there’s nothing wrong with a morning draught of your own water.


Port, for instance, appears to have only two states: unopened, and ‘where’s all the port gone?’


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