Ghost robs convenience store


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This would benefit from a Yakety Sax soundtrack.


But that’s OK, there’s a garishly coloured van with four teenagers and a large dog just coming into town. They’ll investigate the haunted supermarket.


Ghost haunted convenience store, not robbed.

“Despite spending some minutes alone in the shop, nothing was stolen.”

When did “convenience store” become a euphemism for liquor store?


The guy must be a method actor and forgot he wasn’t an actual ghost.

Probably when Southern Baptists wouldn’t look each other in the eye when they passed each other in the bourbon aisle.

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Maybe it’s a woman wearing a chador.

And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you meddling commenters!




i always knew that “friendly ghost” thing was a front.

About the time customers stated a preference for packing out their purchases in plain, brown paper bags?

Depends on where you live. Here, most such places are called “party stores”. That said, stores that sell nothing, but beer and/or liquor simply do not exist here.

The term from TFA was “off-license”. I have no idea what that means. Can anyone from Alabama explain this?

The store clearly serves hard spirits- I don’t see what the problem is.


He’s already three sheets to the wind.


I thought “off-license” was a UK term for a place that sells liquor for consumption somewhere other than the store itself (unlike a pub, for example).

The fall and subsequent hard times of Charlie Brown.

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Where I live, that means it’s a private business with a license to sell booze for off-premises consumption only, as opposed to a bar or restaurant, which is licensed to sell for on-premises consumption only.

A “liquor store” is a different thing - they’re government-run, close early, and are the only legal source of primary liquor sales. Bars, restaurants, and off-license outlets must buy from liquor stores, and mark up the liquor store price; if you want to buy booze late in the evening, you can buy it and drink it in a bar, or buy it at an off-license and bring it home to drink. Either way, you pay more than the liquor store price.

Man, Paranormal Activity 5 looks like it’s gonna suck. They’re totally phoning it in.

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It’s easy to forget there are still states with some wacky blue-laws. We’ve been chipping away at them here. As of a year or two ago, you can now buy alcohol on Sunday at the same hour as you can any other day of the week. Normally, it wasn’t too big a deal that you couldn’t buy beer until noon on Sunday, until a long holiday weekend rolls around or St. Paddy’s falls on a Sunday. Then it sucked, and you were reminded that religion interfering in law making is a Bad ThingTM.

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