Watch: thieves steal wallet from bartender's bag

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Well, that one guy seems to have some kind of cephalopod on his head. That’s a start.


Somehow these guys gained entry

Looks like the door was unlocked.


Is there an evil counterpart to the Flying Spaghetti Monster?


@japhroaig, I assume you have an alibi?


If Karma don’t get’em, the Almighty God of Alcohol will see them punished, indeed!

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@generic_name I learned it from watching @anon50609448.


I can barely fit a dozen cards in my wallet, let alone $500 and a bottle of liquor. Who is this guy? Mary Poppins?


Somehow they also knew exactly what they were going for.

Check that out, second guy goes directly to bag, doesn’t even take it down, and just grabs the first thing he touches in there, without even ever taking a good look at it. Known object. first guy then grabs something handy, bottle off the shelf, but nobody else’s belongings get rifled through.

They had some info from somewhere. Maybe they’re just observant and worked it out, or possibly they were tipped off by whomever left the back door unsecured.

More to this, i think.


Those were my thoughts.What a couple of shit heels. Stealing is bad but stealing from service industry workers is just beyond shitty.


No one steals from the Mighty Monarch’s henchmen.


As an aside. I wonder why the bartender had their tip money in their bag, the jobs where i got tips i always had it on me. Maybe she was unable to pocket it due to her clothing, it’s possible, but then she should’ve used a locker. Hopefully they have them available (if they don’t then they should).

These thieves need to be brought in by a bounty hunter. Someone call Boba Fett

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This is a bad week for white guys with dreadlocks. One guy got assaulted for cultural appropriation, then Justin Beiber showed up with dreadlocks and got razzed because he looks goofier than usual, now this guy gets filmed being a thieving shitbird.

Single greatest comment from the Monarch Facebook thread:


In a grocery store near where I live, the thieves are more cautious.
Man Tries to Rob Store Dressed as Ninja

somehow it makes me extra pissed that they stole from a neurosis bag. gotta respect neurosis.

Looks like Peter Dinkage.

According to the article it was her tip money for the week, not the night. It doesn’t sound that strange to put the tips from previous nights in one’s wallet. (Probably better not to carry it all around in your bag, but not everyone wants to put it in the bank.)

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