Bank robbery goes awry


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In this security footage from a bank in Chapalita, Mexico, three masked men approach the doors with the clear intent to rob the place. A fleet-footed member of staff locks the glass doors. The masked men stand on the other side a little while, looking in at him. Then they walk off.



I mean, robbing a bank is totally cool, but a little bit of vandalism for smashing that massive plate glass window is just too far?


A real review of this branch.


Not in theory, but how do you imagine them doing that?


Not that I’m an expert at bank robbing or anything but don’t they have something with which to menace the teller? A gun, a hammer, a pointed stick?


I don’t see any of those tools making much of a dent in that glass. Probably not looking to start a snatch and grab with gunshots, either, before they’re even in the building. That they bailed actually speaks to some degree of smarts.

The politeness of the whole thing surprises me.


I definitely do appreciate the politeness, it just strikes me as really weird that they didn’t plan for the possibility of the door being locked.


Always call first before you leave home…


No winning, so sad.


Everyone involved are those who deal with this every day. The robbers know that not having a gun limits the amount they can be charged with should they get caught. Banks get robbed all the time and customers in the bank probably don’t even know it happening. The teller just get a note that says they’re being robbed, the teller give everything they can in the drawer, then the criminal leaves. Banks have insurance and processes for this whole thing and it’s way cheaper to just do things this way.
The criminal, if he gets caught, can be charged with theft but not with any sort of violent crime.
This was just boilerplate for the criminals and the security guard. Escalating beyond any of this would have been in no one’s best interest; everyone just wanted to go home at the end of the day.


If only they had a banana…


You know I did originally (and normally do) hyphenate point-ed stick, but I figured that’d make it too easy to draw Self Defense Against Fruit in :slight_smile:


Uh, are we sure those are robbers and not just people with allergies or something?


The guard forgot to shoot everybody!


Also, most of the banks post screen-capture images from their cctv of the current most wanted in the lobby. Something tells me that roving across the country strking here and there is the preferred method, since one is unlikely to be spotted out and about in one’s home territory.


He said pointedly.

(Now, now, no need to be sharp!)

But stick around, there’s more!

You’ll twig to it yet…


Two of the guys using the third guy as a battering ram?

Proof of concept:


A pointed stick?
Feeling all high and mighty, are we?
Fresh fruit not good enough for us, is it?


Three recent-transplant patients try to make a deposit, have door shut on them. Tsc, tsc, tsc.


I think they were Michael Jackson impersonators.