Robber thinks he's locked in bank. The door opens the other way


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I always wondered what became of that kid.


Herr Drumpfs Secretary of Banking Oversight?


This is an old video. Does anyone know what happened to the robber?

This almost sounds like the punch line of one of those puzzle-jokes. "White - it turns out the robbery had to be at the North Pole!"


I don’t know what happened to him, but I’m reasonably sure that he reconsidered his future career as a bank robber.


Are those metal shutters particularly common? I’ve never seen anything like them.


I’m guessing he starved to death in a revolving door.


He is being held in a minimum security facility somewhere.


It’s nice to see Dennis Hopper in a new movie.


I was wondering the same thing. Sure the money and tellers are safe, but that bank doesn’t give two f*cks about its customers. sure leave them in the front with the now frustrated armed robbers.


Nah, for that, he’ll want The Smartest Guys In The Room. You know. To do the job “properly”.


What’s your better solution?


Usually it’s give them the money and avoid a hostage situation.


while i’m not a bank security expert, whatever i’d come up with would be based on the opposite of the basis for the solution in the video…in my perspective money is replaceable, and human lives are the real thing of value in the building.


“Some of the stupidest criminals in the world are working right here in America. I’ve always been very proud of that.” - Jed Bartlet


Pretty sure that fire code in the US requires that they “push out”


Not to sound heartless, but with the gates in the way and no easy way to negotiate and no way to get to the money, it’s hard to turn this in to a hostage situation. Sure, they may claim to threaten a customer, but the teller can’t see that. If a bank robber was vicious enough, they could easily bypass this gate - but most aren’t the psychopaths you see in movies.

Remember when airline hijacking for money was a common thing? They added a technological safeguard – the Cooper Vane to prevent parachute exits. Now it isn’t common.


A code initiated not out of foresight, but only after countless examples of finding people stacked up and burned to death against exit doors that would only swing in. But hey, at least they figured it out eventually.


in a hostage situation you are very seldom negotiating with the people in the bank, but the trained personal in the bank are crucial to deescalating the situation and keeping everyone safe.

when the bank only cares about its assets (money/employees) and cuts them off from the criminal and customers, they are immediately escalating the situation, you can see the panic in the video. every customer in there is suddenly at much much greater risk. a fleeing panicked criminal is more likely to harm someone, take a hostage, feel trapped, rob all the customers at gunpoint, etc. they might even be so panicked as to not be acting rationally and not be able to open a PULL door. this is a bad situation however it plays out.

bank managers are typically trained to stall, deescalate, and talk down the robber for everyone’s safety. handing over the tills is a reasonable loss if no one dies. greedy f’n bank, putting it’s own interests first in complete disregard for the lives of its customers. grrr…


Ahahahahaha it’s a lot like this scene from Snatch: