Restaurant cashier totally chill while being robbed with a gun in his face

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“Gun? Pfffft, that’s so late-20th century. The last guy who robbed us threw a tiger in my face! Now that was getting ripped off in style.”


I wonder if he also thought…“Dude. Its a Jimmy Johns. we don’t have anymore than $100 in the register. And you’re on camera. Whatevs”


They guy can’t read.
He thought he was robbing Jimmy James.


“Look man, I just work here.”


He left without his burger & fries?


I wouldn’t have noticed it (especially were the gun pointed at me), but according to the youtube commenters, the gun jammed when he tried to rack the slide. It does look a bit odd:


Looks like the gun misfed.


Even if the gun misfed it wouldnt’ve been worth for the employee to go for the gun. Gun could’ve gone into battery, or the employee could’ve taken a beating, etc. Not worth the couple hundred bucks he got from the register, and the police did catch him.


I’m such a junk food addict that when I glanced at the close-up photo, I looked right past the gun and thought “Mmm…cookies.”


It did jam, and it’s a pretty bad one. Just re-racking the slide probably would not work as the round doesn’t appear to have engaged the bolt face and therefore will not extract or eject the round when the slide is pulled back. The proper method at this point would be to drop the magazine, pull back the slide (which will lock back because there’s no magazine), the bullet should fall through the magazine well at this point, reinsert the magazine, and either hit the slide stop or pull the slide back to disengage the slide stop…at which point it should chamber properly. I wouldn’t be surprised if he carried the gun without a round in the chamber, racked the gun “for effect” when he threatened the cashier, and rode the slide forward with his hand on it rather than letting it go forward under the tension of the recoil spring. I haven’t really kept figures on it but probably 95% of the time I’ve seen this on a range that’s been how it was achieved. Something tells me that failure drills were not part of his firearms education/training though so some combination of trying to hold the slide back while dumping the round out would probably be more likely to happen.


This guy belongs in a Kaurismäki movie.


I don’t, of course, know what I would have done. Wasn’t there, yadda,yadda, never happened to me, yadda, yadda… but. I think I would have been just as cool about it.
It would have nothing to do with bravery, if what I say is so. It would be based instead on some confusion as to self worth.

Gun culture, meet crime culture.


It is over-confident to get within the target’s physical reach with a weapon, especially when gesticulating with it and looking at other things. How do you know that, once you’ve given your gun away to the person you just threatened, they won’t use it upon you? Hell, the gun was probably worth more monetarily than the money in the till. That’s why I tend to never carry weapons with me - if somebody starts up with me, it is cheaper, lighter, and more efficient for me to just use theirs.

Yep - its out of battery. He didn’t let the slide slap back on its own. Though, really, load your gun BEFORE you do your crime.

The Jimmie Johns guy in a later interview said it was like amateur hour, and I agree.

Still, this illustrates a point that I bring up when a lot of people start arguing about effective defense calibers - no one is staring down your gun wondering if that .380 ACP or a 9mm.


a cry for help? - desire to return to a safe place, such as, for example, oh, say, prison?

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I worked in a gas station for a couple or three years, before I went back to college. Held nearly all the customer-facing jobs; gas pumper, tireman, mechanic, station manager.

Gas pumpers and booth attendants tend to get pretty inured to armed robbery. If they are smart, they just try to project calm cooperativeness back at the robber, who is often jumpy and easily frightened. The 24/7 station I managed got robbed two or three times a month.

We had a guy rob the station once with a huge, expensive hunting rifle. He had to get out of the car and drag the weapon out, which probably cost ten times the amount of money he scored.


The waded up latex gloves tossed nonchalantly into the trash from off camera at the very end was a nice touch.


On another note, where can I get that camera system?

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