Restaurant cashier totally chill while being robbed with a gun in his face

I hate to link to Fox, but i just remembered this guy and his nerves of steel


Restaurant? Restaurant?


Personally, ‘amateur hour’ would make me more nervous.

Even if one is untroubled by the idea, turning a robbery into a murder is taking on a massive amount of legal exposure for very little gain. It’s a patently stupid idea. Which makes it exactly the sort of thing that a panicking noob would be more likely to do than somebody with a degree of competence and experience.


True, but getting nervous only makes the situation more deadly.

If more cops were half as stoic as this cashier, we’d be living in a better world.

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Does the robber have a review page? Someone should downvote him: “Jammed gun was very unprofessional.”


Is my name Jimmy John?


Give the guy all the money.


Jimmy John is an asshole.

Give the guy all his money.


I can’t fathom why anyone in this situation would do anything other than give the robber all the money he could. I can’t even imagine trying to be a hero for, what amounts to, the insurance company’s money.


Wow. They run on batteries?. Is this gun from that new company, is it called Tesla I think?.

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It was Saturday night. He just didn’t notice the guy, because it is crazy busy, you are running in place just to keep up with the orders. :slight_smile:

Heh. Indeed.


Not his first rodeo?

I’m finding the news anchor’s “… helped this customer just as he would any other” a little something to spend a few moments processing. The way she says it is just, like, weird.

I have a friend who works counter at convenience stores and he has… issues. Two or three times people have tried to rob him, and each time he went over the counter, pounded their heads into the concrete floor until they stopped moving and screaming, and then he took their guns and called the police. So far every would-be robber has survived having their skull broken.

I convey this information only to provide a fathom, not to condemn or approve.

Also, to show that there’s more than one reason for criminals to be very much on edge during robberies. Some people just can’t be robbed, really, a robber ends up having to murder them in order to escape.

I can see that as a gag in a Jackie Chan movie.

ROBBER: "Gimme your money, or I’ll shoot!"
CHAN: "You won’t shoot. Your gun is jammed."
ROBBER: "What? No it’s not!"
CHAN: “Here, let me help.”

CHAN disarms the ROBBER, drops the magazine, pulls back the slide, lets the bullet fall, reinserts the magazine, and releases the slide, then places it back in the ROBBER’s hand before he even has time to react to it being taken from him.

CHAN: There. Say the thing about the money again.

The ROBBER looks at CHAN, looks at the gun, looks at CHAN again, and runs away.


A really good way to get shunned completely by gun culture is to let them know you’re involved in crime culture.

A few months ago I moved to the north Chicago loop where there’s a lot of bars.

Me and the SO were binge watching something, and had a hankering for ice cream. So I went to 7-11 a few blocks away to get some at 11pm.

Some guy right in front of me who was buying a tallboy to go got mad about having to pay 7 cents for a paper bag, and went ballistic, making death threats, throwing quarters at the cashier who just calmly called police. Big guy too, but it seemed to be all talk (didn’t produce a weapon or anything).

When I was checking out, I asked the guy if this was a regular occurrence. “Oh yeah. All the damn time.”


From your post history (and your username), this is EXACTLY what I would expect you would do in that situation.

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