Watch: Domino's Pizza employees tackle and rough up an armed robber

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At least start by going for the gun. Also, terrible choice of gun for a close quarters armed robbery.


Can’t you be charged with assault for beating up a burglar? Or is that just England?

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I guess I’m just getting old and more risk averse. If I’m a Domino’s employee, and someone robs me at gunpoint…uh…I’m just gonna let that person have what they want and be on their way. Pizza is good stuff, but it ain’t that good.


Domino’s cardboard-flavored imitation isn’t pizza.


So you can see my point then. :))


That’s Domino’s. Just offer him some pizza as revenge.

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There was violence on both sides of this. The robber had a permit to be there. /s


Domino’s delivers…


In a perfect world, the incredibly reckless man with the shotgun is just reckless and not a psychopath so he is just there to get the money. The problem these victims face is that they are not mind readers and they dont know what this guy’s MO is. Once he threattened their lives with armed robbery they need to decide for themselves if their life is still in play and obviously these guys thought it was. It use to be considered stupid to resist a hijacker…

I personally wouldn’t care a whit about the pizza or the money, but anyone goes wavin’ a shotgun at me had best not turn their back on me like that.

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But that Domino’s store isn’t going to be flown into the WTC. Its better overall to tackle the robber because that makes robbery less attractive, but you have to sacrifice a bunch of pizza workers in the process, assuming that none of them are the best swordfighter in the world.

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While Karan and his colleagues seemed only proud of themselves, Toronto police say that no one should ever try to fight someone who is armed, unless it’s a case of life and death.

That’s why I recommend robbery victims to print up cards with a short survey so that they can be certain if the robbery will be professional, or if they will end up dead just because.

Guy saw a golden opportunity and seized it.

Protip, they are used to getting the money; have them get the money and put it in a bag for you.

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It only would have been a problem if they had forced him to eat Domino’s “pizza” until the police arrived.

I agree. I’d like to think that around a pizza shop, though, you’ve got something heavier to beat the guy up with. A rolling pin or something. If a guy has a gun and you have decided to fight him about it (a bad call, in general) there’s no time for half-measures. Hit him until he can’t hit you back.

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That would only be found in a kitchen, and this was a Domino’s. :wink:

You may be joking, but under English law, you are entitled to self defence when threatened. In this case, no-one would quibble.

Was it a real gun, or an airsoft?

Also, yeah, as everyone else said - don’t get into a fight to defend Domino’s money. It’s not worth risking life or anything. It’s all insured. The corporation doesn’t want its employees to do this because they can also be sued by the robber.

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