Man in the big straw hat takes down gunman


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Well duh, never turn your back on the badass with the mustache.

Although I was hoping it was gonna be more like this move.


Thought that was just an old man, that’s an old man that has decades of experiences over the bad guy, it counts massively.


“Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.” - David Mamet


Roger That!


Synced to the Benny Hill theme music, because someone had to


The taking off the glasses is the best part. I bet last time he did this he broke his glasses, wouldn’t want to have that happen again. #experience


I just wanna see some lucha libre mustache fights …
Here’s another epic mustache:


What an idiot. He could easily have gotten that woman or anyone else in the store killed. Was the risk really worth saving the couple hundred dollars the robber would have made off with?


I’m giving butcher #2 some props for the neck grab. Remarkably effective, it takes their feet out from under them, and yes, I have had to.


Is that… victim blaming?

You think he was trying to save the store from being robbed?

Dude just threatened his life. maybe you would play dead, but many of us wouldn’t - and that’s something to adapt to, because it’s not changing.


Also, he is out of bubblegum.


No, it’s just observing that if you wrestle with a guy with a gun with numerous bystanders around you there’s no way to prevent the guy from pulling the trigger and killing someone…

which could quite as easily have been himself. He put himself in more risk than he was in before he grabbed the dude.


true. if both sides chose the encounter.

This guy had a gun put in his face, shame he wasn’t in your armchair at the time.

Did you watch the video? I suspect the most dangerous moment was when the gun was in his face, not when the robber had his back to the guy - but heck, your omniscience will save you when it’s you!!


The bear hug is a formidable technique.


Badass Hombre taking his glasses off like…


Def my favorite bit.


No, the most dangerous moment was when he started wrestling with a guy with a gun.

When the guy with a gun waved it in mustache’s face, the gunman was in control of the weapon. Once mustache started wrestling with him, he could easily have accidentally discharged the weapon or dropped it and caused an incidental discharge which would have been quite capable of killing a human being if it happened to point in the wrong direction.

Or the gunman might have fired instinctively in the course of trying to fight the guy off.

Before he was grabbed the gunman had every incentive not to randomly shoot anyone in the store. His odds of getting away with armed robbery were much higher than getting away with homicide, and the jail sentence would have been much shorter. Only a very tiny proportion of armed robberies result in homicide, and I would bet that a large proportion of those incidents involve a bystander attacking the gunman.

Mustache found himself in a dangerous, highly emotional situation and chose the intervention that was most likely to make it more dangerous.

As a side note, I’m not sure why, but you seem to be taking my opinion on the situation very personally. I’m not sure why. Maybe you should take a little walk and clear your head?


When someone points a gun at you, assuming they will not shoot you is foolish. The threat is to your life and not the money in the til.

People do that when you start criticizing the victim of an armed assault for how they react.


Sure man, keep going on about how anyone but the gunman has blame to take.

Hope that works out for you.