"Sticky Note Bandit" sticks up three Texas banks — not with guns, but with threatening little notes

Originally published at: "Sticky Note Bandit" sticks up three Texas banks — not with guns, but with threatening little notes | Boing Boing

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If you’re going to rob a bank, the best way to do it is probably this way. Because if you’re caught this method doesn’t add the sort of additional charges you would get from say, brandishing a weapon.


It’s simple: you threaten their families.

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IANAL, but from what I have read, you can still be charged with weapons charges merely by implying that there is one present like the “finger gun in the pocket” trick. I can’t imagine what could be on the sticky notes that would compel a cashier to surrender the cash without some sort of immediate threat.


I get the sense that the sticky note bandit has chosen this method out of a sense of preservation in a red state on the oft chance that there is a “good guy with a gun” waiting in line and didn’t want to alert anyone beyond the teller he is robbing.

Based upon that, I don’t think anyone knew there was a robbery, until the robber has left the premises.

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“I have an envelope of anthrax in my pocket which I will open and dump unless you give me cash” might explain why the second teller went and locked themself in a back room.


Did they check the notes for fingerprints?


I thought the best way to rob a bank was becoming an executive of that bank. You’ll make a lot more money and have virtually no criminal liability.


Back in the late '80’s when I worked at a bank, we were told “Give them the money, even if you can’t see any weapon. The money is insured and it’s not worth your life”.

Just the fact that they are robbing the bank is sufficient threat in my mind.


I vaguely recall a song, might have been by Woody Guthrie, about rip-off bankers – “Some rob you with a six-gun / And some with a fountain pen” – i.e. how much theft is ‘legal’?


For sure the best way to rob a bank is to become an executive, but it’s a much longer setup time than most robbers have the patience for.

Okay, this one takes a little less time, but requires some prep. I think it is the second best way to rob a bank. It requires finding a job at a pawn shop near the target bank, a rented office, a newspaper ad, a hand written copy of the Encyclopædia Britannica, some pickaxes, and horde of redheaded men. It’s the perfect plan—there’s no way it can fail. I won’t share the details here, in case some coppers are keeping tabs on this bbs. But drop me a note if you’re interested and have experience digging.


He only robbed Wells Fargo which might make him a hero? The FBI couldn’t call him the Wells Fargo Bandit because then we’d just think he was a Wells Fargo executive.


Yeah, I think I’ve seen this film.

A Woody Guthrie song says, “Some will rob you with a six-gun / And some with a fountain pen.” Burgle banks from inside, hey?

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