Used Teslas might be cheap as dirt but that doesn't mean they're a deal

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None of the ones I saw listed on that Hertz link were for less than $22k. I know that used car prices have been up lately but that’s still nowhere near “cheap as dirt” in my opinion, especially for something approaching 100k miles. It wouldn’t be tempting to me even if they weren’t Teslas.


One of the best things about a used car is not having to worry about going to the dealership for repairs.

With Teslas - no dealership for repairs and no one locally who can repair it either.


Probably not even any way to get parts even if you were otherwise capable of fixing it yourself.


I heard the local Ace hardware store sells parts to fix the battery cooling system, which is certainly cheaper than replacing the entire battery pack because a 75 cent plumbing fitting was broken. (And while the repair was 700, that’s easier to cover than 16 grand.)

Also, in case it wasn’t obvious, /sarcasm


The lack of a proper local Tesla-happy repair shop (or indeed, one that reliably services EVs) is an issue. We are out of pocket $3000 after insurance because of 2 back to back cracked windshields; this on a leased Tesla, and repairs took months because of the need to procure an OEM windshield.


I am currently looking at used cars. Teslas are firmly not on my list. Admittedly, some of this is a lack of convenient charging where I live, but take that away, and I’d still buy nearly every other EV first. Tesla’s reputation is really not good.

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