Useful wall-mount thread checker

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Please fix the size of video embeds.

by thread checker my first thought it was about TOP post, BOTTOM post, single REPLY, YELLiNG, and C-C-C-C-Combo breaker and and other threads problems…

while useful, I don’t see why mounting this to the WALL would help.


Just glanced at the photo and briefly glimpsed the array of dark circles, and had no idea what this was.

First I thought “multi-threaded programming”, but that didn’t make much sense in the context of circles or wall-mounting.

Then I thought “embroidery thread”, but the circles didn’t look like spools, and all the circles were black so there would be no colors to check.

So I had to read a bit to figure out it referred to screw threads.

Which was frankly embarrassing, because 40 years ago I wrote a really complex program to compute screw thread forms and dimensions, and to modify them given some very specialized attributes; that exact program is still in use today.

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From the post:

Unlike the original, the wall-mounted version can be used one-handed

It doesn’t need to be mounted to a wall, but to something solid. Since it is 39" tall, a wall is natural, but it looks like it would fit well on a 2x4.

These are useful at the hardware store but in the field I’m a fan of something more flexible like this:

You can use that with hardware in situ.


Clearly they missed the memo about keeping all your bolts and nuts in unmarked jars with all sizes mixed.


I like the little pocket gauges when I’m uncertain of the thread pitch.

For diameter I’m happy with digital calipers that can switch between metric and US.


I have never in my life thought I needed a thread checker, but after this post I’ll probably want one every month for the rest of my life.


OK - this is not the first time you’ve posted about this, so I’m going to ask.

What is the problem with the video embeds? So they are now framed in a bigger black square - but the videos themselves are in the correct aspect ratio, so I am not at all clear what it is you would like fixed. The new presentation format has the benefit that if your cursor goes over the video the time/progress line and the titles are still shown but do not obscure the video itself. I think it’s an improvement.

And if you want to attract the attention of someone at BB it helps to @ them. They’re not necessarily reading all this stuff, you know.

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