Using AP reporters' phone logs, Feds nab ex-FBI agent in Yemen bomb plot leak case


Putting the ick factor aside, putting journalists under surveillance is a direct attack against America, the republic, and human rights specifically codified in the Bill of Rights. This is an attack against the first and fourth amendment. What the FBI is doing is treason. They are committing acts of war against the government and people they have sworn to serve.

Until we fix the government and restore the law itself, we have to give journalist the technology to do their jobs. Journalists should quit acting like a bunch of bumbling, careerist, Luddites. Insecure technology will have to be phased out. Mobile phones are a threat right now. A mobile phone is a tracking device, a bug, and a computer with a suite surveillance programs. Get ride of them. If a journalist and source are going to communicate they have to do it using strong cryptography, anonymized metadata, and sourced in a country with strong civil liberties protections. I understand that this is daunting but get with it. If journalists simple ask security experts for help they will probably do it out of moral duty.

Through all of this sacrifice and hard work is required to regain the human rights we lost.

Isn’t this what Eric Holder explicitly said he would not do?!?!


Sachtleben reportedly traded CP using the email handle “pedodave69.” Hmmm. To follow this one further down the rabbit-hole have a look at Sachtleben’s link to Stephen Ivens (former FBI agent who was subject of a massive manhunt before his body was found last summer) and an odd report from Russian diplomat Vladimir Vinokurov. Disclaimer: I am in no way implying an endorsement of any particular theory, simply pointing to some interesting further reading.

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