"USS Callister" was the best episode of Black Mirror, and Netflix just announced a sequel episode

Yeah. No. Overhyped.

A lot of terrible stuff gets breathless hype but the mill of streaming services has seen some trends emerge:
*endless padding of slight story elements to milk out seasons
*Abrupt cancellations mid story as the show isn’t that popular any more (perhaps because they dragged it out tediously)
*Abrupt cancellations of popular shows due to “the algorithm”
*The fact that “The Algorithm” pays huge attention to people watching 30 seconds of a show and turning off and wanting “the TikTok demographic” what about short loops is it that you want to replicate Netflix?

That said I see that Netflix are releasing a version of Ripley soon and having enjoyed Plein Soleil, The American Friend, The Famous Anglo-American one, and the less famous Italian American one I will undoubtedly watch this. Andrew Scott is far too old to be Tom Ripley, particularly in the first novel, but what if it? It’s not like Dennis Hopper was a good fit (Malko was of course).

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I just rewatched this over the weekend with my daughter. Excellent episode.


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