Utah Supreme Court rules transgender people can amend their birth certificates

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This is good news. Can’t call it a free country if people can’t even own their own identity.

Also, does it feel a little 19th century that birth certificates and social security cards and death certificates are still a thing and so critical to our existence? If there was ever a job for blockchain, this seems like it.

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My wife and I keep an eye on all this progress because we are trans, and would like to move to a lower cost of living area of the country. However, the lower cost of living states come with issues if you are trans, which we both are.

If you are curious, the transgender law center has a great map of the states and how they rate: National Equality Map - Transgender Law Center

Utah rates a fair rating. They dont’ have protection for housing or job’s so it’s not looking totally great yet.


I recently moved from Missouri to New Jersey. New Jersey is definitely more trans friendly (getting an ‘F’ on my driver’s license required no paperwork, first time my gender marker has matched my identity), but holy crap is it expensive here.


We have some new friends that moved from New Jersey to the high desert California for that same reason, too expensive. Their little beach house in Monmouth Beach sold for millions, astonishing to me. They came here for the dry climate, and relatively zero snow. Having grown up in New J, I’m amazed at the cost of living, and the property taxes are very high. This was not the case in the 60’s, it was cheap and cheerful…


We are in Western WA, and had no trouble transitioning, and have state enforced insurance coverage, however, the cost of living is shockingly high. If we ever want to own a home it probably won’t be here, or we will have to wait until we are eligible for a 55+ community.


If you put birth certificates on the blockchain they won’t be able to change it. The blockchain is immutable dude.

I’m in probably the cheapest part of New Jersey, Ocean County. Unfortunately, this is also Trump country. I’m increasingly hating it here. I may go back to Missouri after I finish law school.

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Oh dang, you are right up in the hillbilly part of New J. Smear USA flags all over your car, and make damn sure you don’t talk politics, never going to end well, I’m telling ya.

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US flags? Nah, they fly Trump flags and confederate flags here. Cause New Jersey was such a critical part of the Confederacy, you know.


Forgive the question, but are you in Toms River, near the Ocean County CC?


I was in Pine Beach, which is just across the Toms River from there, but we just moved to a 55+ community in Whiting, just southwest of Lakehurst.

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Stay safe and well good friend. Keep your powder dry and all that.

P.S. If you haven’t yet gone, Island Beach State Park [link below] is a must in the Spring and Fall, not in the Summer when it is invaded by ever human in existence.


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Thanks, I haven’t been there yet. I do enjoy driving over to LBI, and just sitting by Barnegat Lighthouse. That’s my favorite spot so far.

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