Vans sneakers featuring the Peanuts gang!


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WANT! That is all.


I love my Vans. If it was up to me i’d wear then till the day i die. However they always end up stinking. And i don’t normally suffer with smelly feet. Does anyone else have this issue with Vans?

It’s getting to the point where they may not be the shoes i die in :cry:


It’s official.
Charles Shultz is dead.


So when Bill Watterson kicks the bucket we can expect to see Spaceman Spiff shoezes?


I believe you’ve been buying the PigPen edition


Please. The Shultz family sold out not long after Charles passed… I’ve seen much worse Peanuts-branded stuff like this in the past few years.

(if you ask me, I think the strip died pretty soon after Spike was introduced - and I have been a huge Peanuts fans since childhood)


I generally agree with your comment, but I like Spike.


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