Peanuts Every Sunday: The 1950s Gift Box Set is a collection absolutely worth having


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I am so sick of recycled peanuts comics strips in the paper. It was cute about 50 years ago.

Someone please, MAKE IT STAWP!


I guess some people have too much extra money laying around. Or maybe the target market is professional comic historians.


Fantagraphics also has been reprinting Walt Kelly’s Pogo. Worth every penny.


That’s what archives are for!


Seems this series helps keep Fantagraphics afloat, as Pogo & Popeye reprints haven’t had much impact beyond us amateur historians. Useta ride the bus past their Lake City Way warehouse way back when. Thanks, Sparky!


My first thought was “Why am I happy to see this release? Because it’s probably subsidising the Pogo reissues.” [drumming my fingers waiting for Vol.4]


Quick fact check (as I own the collections): The Peanuts Sundays ARE included in the Complete Peanuts, but they are not in color, like the rest of the strips.

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