A place for Peanuts fans to go wild

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Peanuts has fans? I guess if the Haunted Mansion has fans, anything is possible.

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For those of us who can’t get across the pacific there is the Charles M. Schutlz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Plus there is an ice skating rink there too.


The first-ever Peanuts strip was also the best Peanuts strip, and possibly the best four-panel newspaper comic in history.

The first twenty years of the strip were Schulz’ heroic and rewarding but ultimately doomed effort to recapture that one perfect distillation of the cruel cynicism of precocious little children. Anything past about 1975 is strictly for completists only.


Pick up the collections from Fantagraphics. The early stuff is wonderful and quite a bit darker and while not really mean they definitely tease each other a lot. I really fell in love with the strip again after reading those.


When you talk all I can hear is “mwah mwah wah mwah mwah wah.”


Lots of kissing sounds?

Going to Japan in October, so this may be useful Thanks.

For ticket reservations in English, use the following site: http://www.snoopymuseum.tokyo/en/tickets/

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True, but due to budget limitations all skating routines are limited a three-second loop.


Cubby, thanks a load for that link for tickets. Could not find that before!

In the 70’s Snoopy did a lot of stuff with a Space theme.

“The Beagle Had Landed”

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And the Royal Guardsmen, of Snoopy Versus the Red Baron did a space theme song as well…

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Don’t let the last 20 years or so throw you, before that Peanuts was brilliant and the artwork top notch!

While the writing definitely took a downward turn, I wonder how much of the scratchiness came from style change and how much came from him just not being able to keep his lines as smooth anymore. =o(

I imagine the place for Peanuts fans to go wild would be St. Paul, Minnesota, where the artist grew up, and where little kids skate on little frozen lakes in the winter. Singing slightly-off-key Christmas carols. I imagine.

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I’m no art critic, I just never found it very funny. As @semiotix says, it was edgier in the fifties. Ironic.

Actually no. There is no “mall” and no tickets to enter the shopping areas.

Anyway for Peanuts fans who cat get in this but want some interesting branded products go to the second floor of Tower Records in Shibuya.

More like last 40 years. Peanuts was like “The Simpsons” in that an initially moderately clever concept just kept going decade after decade until it basically just faded into the cultural wallpaper.

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