New Peanuts movie represents three generations of the Schulz dynasty


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If that’s representative, it would seem to be based pretty closely on the TV specials. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Lucy pulls the football away.

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Hopefully it will be good, but to me this looks like test footage for a money-squeezing project to milk the old brand.


i’m not a big fan of peanuts any more, but i think they are doing an amazing job. really captures the old-school vibe of the original 2D shows, and that’s a nice thing to see.

I’m pretty excited about this. I do hope, however, that they go ahead and acknowledge the audience they’re going for. The old Peanuts films were animation pioneers (I still remember the rotoscoping in A Boy Named Charlie Brown), but I can’t see the short length or the narrative style flying with moviegoing audiences today. It would be nice if they can preserve some of the narrative style of the old films, much like the last Winnie the Pooh film did.

Does anyone know why Shulz was happy to have the TV specials (and presumably movies) continue on after his death yet didn’t want anyone else to draw the strip?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

It helps to understand the Peanuts strip was a sort-of personal journal by Charles Schulz. It was a very personal thing for him, and was his life’s joy. It really was fitting that the strip ended when he died.

Anybody else notice that the one hair on his forehead is actually a little dreadlock on the front of his head, and that he has another little patch of hair in the back of his head?

That kind of ruined the clip for me…

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