See all the characters designs for the new Peanuts Movie!

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Much better copy of the poster which isn’t plagued by a JPEG quality setting of 12%:


Nice poster!

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Good to see Snoopy’s ne’er-do-well desert-dwelling brother Spike in there.


My favourite Peanuts’ cartoon.


They made such a genuine effort to capture the spirit of the original artwork in 3D it allllmost assuages my purist rage. But not quite. We’ve got the budgets and resources to make a brush-drawn 2D animation version. IMPRO this should be a black and white film, with no plot arc, just a clerks/woodie allen set of observations and vignettes written for that sweet adult-child sweet spot that so many great cartoons hit now.

Luckily purist rage is its own reward…


Um, they allow dogs and birds in the theater, but not Frieda’s boneless cat???


she didn’t want it to distract people from her naturally curly hair…


I’m with you, man… I am torn on this. I’ve been a huge fan since I was a kid… still have a box of the Peanuts books in my attic (but I seem to have misplaced my autographed picture of the Peanuts gang :frowning: ), and I am not sure how to feel about this movie. Especially with Charles Schultz (obviously) not involved.


This is actually a subtle nod to a well known puzzle…

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The dog, the bird and the boneless cat? Good grief, that is subtle!


Wait, those curls are natural??? She really should consider letting people know!


Does anyone recognize any of the characters in the rows above Peppermint Patty and Marcie? I recognize Snoopy’s desert dwelling brother Spike, but that’s it. Although I’ll admit I’m quite sure there are bigger Peanuts fans out there than me.

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All I got is the little red haired girl with her face hidden behind some popcorn. It has been awhile since I read any strips and the ones I have most recently read are all the early ones.

I really like the way they’ve kept the look of the 2D illustrations. I had zero interest in this until i saw the trailer – the characters move and act like the classic cartoons while having substance and depth, and they avoided the pitfall of modeling their heads as gigantic balloon spheres.

All of Snoopy’s brothers & sisters are easy to spot, but I’m not seeing Rerun or Eudora. None of the kids in the rows above Peppermint Patty are major characters, I don’t think.

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From This Charming Charlie.


There’s also the problem of Snoopy’s voice. It’ll never work, as anything.
Yet in the (later) comics he had profound observations.
I’ll certainly watch it, as I have the previous cartoons.
But it’s best suited to its original medium.
Luckily, filthy lucre is its own reward.


Roll on the sequel, “Peanuts: Age of Ulton”

Thats Racist.

/ducks for cover…get it? – ducks

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