Wreck-It Ralph sequel breaks the internet


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/01/wreck-it-ralph-sequel-breaks-t.html


Loved the first movie and so did the kiddo. This looks like it could be good too. I love John C Reilly. “Don’t be a dummy and watch this movie.”


On a related note, furries have been throwing a fit online about the pancake bunny gag


Seriously? o_0


“For your health…”, one assumes? :thinking:


Exploding bunny uncensored.


I’ve gotten a peek at some of the concept art in progress and the work being done on this; it looks really clever and goes beyond memes and eBay jokes. Very much looking forward to what they’re working on.


“Aw come on, sir. It’s only wafer thin!”


I´m a furry (yeah, look at the freak) and I found it hillarious!
“Pancake, Pancake, Pancake… Splot traumatised kid” XD




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