New trailer for Disney's "Ralph Breaks the Internet"

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Seems like you forgot something… like, the actual trailer.


They had a whole bunch of footage from that stupid Emoji Movie, so had to create something to use it?

Who is this kind of thing targeted at? I assume it’s chock-full of soon-to-be-dated references to memes. Are Reddit readers the entire intended audience?



Alternate title: Ready Ralph One?


Disney… didn’t make the Emoji Movie.

Looking forward to this. Lots of fun stuff going on beyond the marketing-heavy brand names (which, c’mon, it’s set in the internet, of course it’s going to reference things that are on the internet). Cinderella brandishing her shoe like a shattered beer bottle is amazing.


This seems like another one of those cases where if they release enough trailers, no one will need to see the movie anymore.

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I was (mostly) joking with the art assets comment, but we’re still in a city of product-placed websites, vs a city of product-placed apps, held together by memes. Or maybe I’m just a curmudgeon.

… I got distracted, and started to forget which screenshot came from which movie.


Thankfully, whilst the Emoji Movie is pretty much all just this sort of stuff, there’s TONS of areas you haven’t seen from Ralph. I’m really excited to see all of the stuff they’re putting together that isn’t just a mess of logos and things and get more of a look at the story.

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To be fair, “Product-placed websites held together by memes” is a pretty good 7-word summary of the Internet.

That said, Disney did a pretty good job of keeping the product placement either relevant or incidental in the original film, so I have at least a little faith in them to do the same this time. (Also self-deprecating Disney is kind of best Disney.)


Fixed. Thanks!

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I know women have numerous societal disadvantages and that men operate from a position of privilege; but the whole scene in the trailer that makes men the butt of a joke… couldn’t we strive for equality rather than jokes either being at the expense of one group or another?
There’s got to be a way of making a funny family friendly movie without paying towards negative stereotypes.

Looks like Disney is jumping into the MeToon movement with both feet.


Eh? How is it a stereotype for Disney to point out it’s own problematic history of portraying damsels in distress?


You mean the line:
“Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big, strong, man showed up?”

How is that a joke at the expense of men? The butt of the joke are clearly the people that assume this right?


Those men are usually also hurt by this stereotyping, most of the time they are nothing more then a prop or a trophy.

They are usually seen as “good” but often don’t have any choice in the matter, they are sent to rescue a princes or fall in love with some girl they don’t know. Usually we know next to nothing about them or their motivation.

Gaston is a nice exception to this rule, has agency, has some choices and tries to achieve something, he is also not very “good”.

Disclaimer: This post is referencing only the few Disney movies that I saw, a long ago.

You mean just like every other movie made in the last 15 years? I have been trying to avoid seeing any trailers for any movie that I want to see and go in cold to the theater. (That they screen previews in front makes it a little problematic. They should go back to showing them after the movie, when trailers actually did trail the main feature.)

Not to derail entirely, but I very much agree and have gotten to the point where I avoid “final trailers”, as they inevitably spoil things that would’ve been way more fun had I seen them in the theater. The most egregious example lately: the trailers for SKYSCRAPER starring The Rock. It outlines the entire plot, beginning middle and end, giving away major plot twists; after seeing it I sorta shrugged and said “welp, that’s that.”

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Ralph is literally the title character.

Movies in which the male lead is reduced to set dressing and the female lead is developed into a full-fledged character are the exception, not the rule.

My terrible home router crashed 0:36 seconds into this. That was funny.