The Emoji Movie sucks, but the reviews are awesome


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Wow something that would make Adam Sandler seem watchable… that is pretty low.


Why the current trend in simple, obvious movie titles for terrible movies?

Emoji Movie
Horrible Bosses
Office Christmas Party
Fist Fight

How far are we from “Ow, My Balls”?


Wouldn’t the appropriate movie review be an emoji itself?


I guess this one would work.



I’m sure it will be out of theaters and streaming or on $5 disc within a month or two. I’d try to see if it’s “so bad it’s good” or ironically view it then.


This… @frauenfelder cinema this awful is best seen when you can shout back at it with friends and you have libations of choice at hand.


The evident horror that it is – having sat through a few instance of its trailers, it feels like I’ve already glimpsed into the abyss – makes me want to see it too. There’s something evidently dark about it.


I love the fact it just jumped up to 3% with a “positive” review of “Positive messages, but colorful adventure is only “meh.””


I believe it is :poop:


My favourite:

The Poochie of movies.


So is TJ Miller the Shelley Long of this generation?


Oh man I hope this gets Flop-Housed…


Maybe the next series of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will have it!


I might pirate this.


Have you seen any of the Jackass movies?


The one with George C. Scott or Hans Moleman?


a fistful of testicles




Can’t wait for it to show up at the Brew&View. Maybe in a double feature with the infamous Food Fight?!