Sony Pictures Animation plans animated “emoji movie,” starring emoji characters


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Remember around ten years ago when there were obnoxious Flash adverts everywhere offering to give you a new range of graphical smilies for your E-mail and instant messages? I’m still haunted by the one that would talk (“SAY SOMETHING!!!”) when the mouse cursor rolled over it.

So there you go. Horror film.


Oh good. How many weeks of the press incorrectly saying “emojis” do I have to look forward to?





If only you could find frowning poop . . .


I bet it’s still better than Pixels.
(As long as Sandler isn’t in this one too)


Hope so - but Sony are the clowns who brought us that one too.


Some Sony Exec probably saw the Pac-Man promo shot and thought “hey that looks like an emoji - let’s use him for an emoji movie”



Sony wants to make their own “Inside Out”, right?


This artist already has made a script for them.


I am disappointed - I was hoping for a movie made out of unicode guys. (o_0)


Emoji are Unicode entities.


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