Good grief, the Humble Peanuts Bundle has $171 worth of DRM-free Charlie Brown books

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I got a rock.


Worth it for V1 of The Complete Peanuts alone. That early work was what made me fall in love with the strip again after many many years.

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A pivotal distinction is that these “volumes” are “a mix of new stories and Charles Schulz Sunday strips”. I think I’ve seen some of these “new stories” in the Free Comic Book Day releases; I was not too impressed by them. But for a buck, I don’t mind confirming my suspicions.

It was always confusing when I was a lad when the “Peanuts Parade” volumes were available at the library, but then for some reason there were other books that re-collected parts of individual volumes, and other books that re-collected different parts, and character-themed collections, and so on and so forth. Clearly the release of “The Complete Peanuts” series has not ushered in an end to the confusion.

(I kind of wish we could get a re-release of the old Charlie Brown 'Cyclopedia / Super Book of Questions and Answers, but I’m sure licensing issues will stop that from ever happening.)

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I still have a set (not sure if it’s complete) of the 1980s 'Cyclopedia. That seems like a more approachable goal to digitally archive over my collection of book and record stories.

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