Excellent Popeye comic book reprints from the 1940s and 1950s


Wow! These look like a lot of fun. Sagendorf really had the spirit of Segar (who, to me, remains the pinnacle of Popeye).

I’m feeling a little frustrated.

I bought the first big-format (well, giant-format) Popeye hardcover from Fantagraphics (?). I’ve been intending to buy at least one more, as my fun-budget allows.

Now . . . ANOTHER series of reprints by another author / artist? How does this fit in? Do I go for the Segar origin-story type strips, or skip ahead and buy this?

Or just smash my forehead with a can of non-canonical spinach?

Shouldn’t that be “iceboyg?”

Hnyuh-huh-huh-huh-Huh! (/popeyevoice)

Yeah… Bud Sagendorf’s work was a lot of fun - no question, but I just don’t see him as the Carl Barks of Popeye strips. I’d say that calling him the Bud Sagendorf of Popeye strips is praise enough, and I’m sure I’d enjoy owning these books.

You have to buy all 5 Fantagraphics Segar books first.

I was just thinking about Popeye (and Uncle Scrooge, always on my mind). This looks like the perfect collection, thanks for the pointer!

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