Vatican digitizing archives


That’s not all that’s gettin “digitized,” haw haw haw amirite?


Some poor devil has to scan in thousands of handwritten documents…

I understand if this is too big a task to handle in-house, but that’s just ridiculous.


Its an amazing step. More and more of the original documents of our histories are getting digitized for all to view. There is a lot of stuff locked up because it is to fragile or valuable to be handled.

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I’m just imagining the tech support call:

How do you get the scanner to work on what now? …
‘Vellum’? …
I don’t know what that is. …
Oh, that is disgusting! No one wants to read your digitized Silence of the Lambs ravings, sicko!
[Hangs up.]


It remains to be seen if the archives will be made available “for all to view.”

But it is an important first step.

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Even if they aren’t, then it just takes one person who disagrees to leak the info.

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And once it is made for public viewing 98% of it will be ignored because church minuta is terribly boring

Someone will be entertained by even the little things. Heck, someone will find evidence that there’s aliens in the vatican vaults because of a very unlikely cypher.

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