Vectorbeam Outrun


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That’s neat, but why target a platform for which no one is nostalgic (because no one ever had one), when you could do essentially the same work to create a 100 FOOT HIGH FOG MACHINE LASER SHOW


I always wanted a Vectrex — after they were long gone. This project has that great 80s Trapper Keeper vibe going on, or should I say, twenty-teens synthwave album cover vibe. :slight_smile:


For the same reason I’m building a 3D printer from scratch instead of buying a kit : because it’s fun.


Right but wouldn’t building a laser light show be more fun than copying some turd of a console that even console-starved early-eighties kids didn’t want?



I enjoyed some nostalgia with the CRT image bloom (the image resizing effect when more light is being drawn on the screen, caused by sub-optimal voltage regulation).


There’s a great article about this game in the New Yorker.


What? I had one.


At last, a racing game even I could win!


Speak for yourself, I’ve wanted a Vectrex since they were actually on the market and so did a lot of the other nerds around here, I bet.


I was of the understanding everyone WANTED one but few could afford or, sometimes, find one.

I sure know I wanted one.




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