How the Nintendo NES Zapper gun worked (and why it doesn't on today's TVs)

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This is why I have kept one 2005-vintage (late era) 20" ‘flat screen’ CRT for my vintage video game systems. Intellivision, Intellivision II, and NES were designed for CRTs. If I had Pong still (long gone) or an old Atari system (friends’ houses only) they would also be used on it. My PS2, and PS3 systems are fine on the big Plasma screen.


Ugh. The orange Zapper hurts my soul.


Came here to say this.
One man’s trash is a retrogamer’s treasure. If you look around enough, you can find some great ones for free. Hell yeah, I’ll take your 32" Sony Trinitron off your hands! It looks so close to pixel-perfect, like an arcade monitor, even on composite video systems. Remember to bring a buddy to help you haul it though…


Just a new-fangled implementation of being able to play Lunar Lander on your PDP-10 with a light pen…get off of my lawn, whippersnappers!


People are literally paying $5-$10 a piece to dispose of these now (E-waste disposal fees).


Hmm, I never planned on being a retro gamer, I just didn’t see any reason to replace the old TV until it died. Perhaps I’ll go break out Hogan’s Alley.

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I remember taking apart a gun, then putting it back together without the clear plastic lens in the barrel. I guess the lens focused the “shot” because when it wasn’t in, I could just casually aim at the screen and kill a duck. I don’t remember what it did when there were multi ducks on screen though…I’m pretty sure it didn’t just slaughter all of them.

@pesco thank you for the non Trump topic post. BTW is your son’s middle name “Interior”?

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