Vengeful couple racks up massive utility bill at Airbnb after cancellation denied

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Really hate the waste from an environmental standpoint, but AirBNB hosts nickel and diming with ridiculous fees along with a chores list makes me want to do the same.


Really doesn’t seem terrible considering the water ran nonstop for nearly a month.

Always make sure your toilets stop running before going on vacation, please don’t ask me how I know!


It’s very modern of airbnb to giggle foppishly as the vermin turn on each other, rather than soil the gilded lace ruffs of their court finery by taking responsibilty for anything.

I can totally see why we think of these marvelous people as innovative “tech companies” and not, in any way, “guillotine bait”.


The couple, visiting from China, were reportedly disappointed that the villa was located in Seoul’s outer suburbs.


So, no one’s getting a 5 star rating?


Maybe the water company?

“Good sustained flow. No interruption of service over extended period. Five stars.”


This is something I thought I would never have to see on any AirBNB check-in form: “I agree to limit water usage to cooking, brushing teeth, hand washing, to short showers no longer than 5 minutes, and to turn off the water once my hands leave the sink and the shower after the 5 minutes are up…. I also agree not to tamper with the water heater during my stay…. I also agree not to turn up the thermostat higher than 75 degrees…. In doing so, I will be liable to pay for excess utility charges for over water and/or gas overuse.” But AirBNB can’t argue with an agreement for the guest to pay for excessive utility bills.

You could… I don’t know… go to a hotel where you don’t have to deal with chores, can support (and tip, please) your cleaning staff, and not contribute to housing shortages in the process?


They were expecting a villa in central Seoul? People with Parasite houses don’t need to be renting them out on AirBnB for extra money.


Oh, i don’t use Airbnb.
That was spoken in my quiet, hypothetical voice.


I would definitely ding a star off the rating if I found out a family was secretly living in the basement of the Airbnb I rented.

Well, I guess it depends on the family.


sometimes the address is not correctly posted, or only shows a certain area. In Spain they do that to avoid being “flagged” as illegal tourist flats.


That’s not really what happened here though is it. The people renting could easily see roughly where the AirBNB was, and knew the cancellation terms before booking… they were just petulant children who threw their toys because they didn’t get their way.

Agreed…i just like ranting.
Now, get off my lawn.

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