Watch family's reaction when they see the tiny vacation home they rented on Airbnb

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Huh. After seeing the actual listing, I’m going to have to assume the following:

  1. They have never heard of a “tiny home” before
  2. They didn’t look at the photos
  3. They didn’t read the description

And they happened to be rolling video on arrival.




This listing is now quite funny.

This memorable tiny house is anything but ordinary! Have you ever wanted to try living in a tiny house? This is your chance for an amazing experience with our cozy, comfortable tiny house that has just about EVERYTHING you need! The tiny house has a queen bed in the loft and 2 sleeper chairs downstairs. There is a full bathroom with full plumbing, too! Feel like staying in for dinner? We’ve got you covered! Full kitchen setup with a stove plate, microwave, and counter space to prep, enjoy!


This is not exclusive to AirBnB. This is someone who is looking at the price alone and booking based upon that price.

I had a boss who wanted to book a hotel room for himself and a sales rep in Louisiana and was focused on price. I had to explain to him that I stayed in (a similar) hotel and that the jail across the street looked like a much nicer place. He changed his tune when he realized that the sales rep would tender her resignation before they unloaded the rental car.

Realizing this, the boss relented and opted for the Residence Inn instead.


I have doubts. I don’t think that it was even based on price or any kind of mix-up, since there are other listings in the same price range. Tiny house is in the listing title and mentioned repeatedly. And it says “3 guests” so either they knew what they were getting into, or they were planning on violating the host’s rules by having four guests. Seems like a set-up to get social media views. And it worked with the bonus of getting a free $500 voucher as well? Stop rewarding stupidity and social media stunts.


“Adirondack country living.”

Maybe they thought that outside photo was just the outhouse.


Or the listing was updated to be more clear after the video was posted.


yeah they totally rented this for the clicks, not the Zs.


This picture is “below the fold”. It’s the one interior picture that best conveys the size of the place. Combine it with the exterior shot and the message is clear.


AirBnB: Destroyer of neighborhoods.


This feels staged for sure


Definitely not.

Yeah first of all I wouldn’t rent to anybody that brought their two dogs that’s a red flag right there that it’s going to destroy your place of course they knew exactly what it was look at the prior reviews of the house

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Of course they knew what they were getting into they got their moment of Fame but I’ll tell you what no one’s going to rent to them ever again at all especially with two dogs that are going to destroy your Airbnb totally not worth it


Um…so am I really the only one who even bothered clicking on the comments of this staged crap ONLY because I needed to see what others were making of the “transparent ghost dog” to the right of the stoop…but then there was none? Lol :frowning:

Considering the owners have two dogs themselves and the listing says “pets allowed”, it seems they’re just not as curmudgeonly as yourself.


I personally would love to stay in a place like that.

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Hi all! This mine and my husband’s tiny house listing. First, I’d like to mention that this family actually booked through VRBO…NOT Airbnb. So them getting the $500 voucher from Airbnb was quite shocking. Second, they booked it for 2 adults, no children, and no pets. We dueted the original video on TikTok showing this (@ACLTinyHouses). Third, we are currently waiting to hear back from VRBO for damages this family caused due to letting their dogs (that we never approved for them to bring in the first place) defacating all over the loft and bed area (~$1,788 worth of damage). The stepmother even posted a video of the dogs doing this on TikTok like it was funny that they were damaging our property too.

It’s been interesting to see how well the family has made off of this video (free suite hotel stays, new sponsors, new gear, vouchers, etc…) when we are the ones at a loss due to the damage from their dogs and people saying it was misrepresented when it clearly states “tiny house” in the listing title not to mention the square footage in the listing details and that it only sleeps 3 not 4. We’ve had to email journalists and posters who have written articles like this to explaim what really happened as this is negatively impacting our small business that financially supports our family. We’ve tried to respect the family’s privacy by not adding another video showing what truly happened with their stay and the damage they left behind, even though our privacy and our small business was not respected. Hoping everyone sees there is more to this story than the Keefe family hasade it appear to be.