Verdict in Chicago NATO 3 case: guilty of mob action, arson, but not terrorism


In 1986 we marched in Chicago to commemorate the haymarket martyrs, and the police rioted and arrested a few of us who were charged with mob action against the state, which is also the title of the anthology we wrote about it.

Five anarchists gather.

Two of them are cops.

Welcome to the 21st century.

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Can YOU spot the difference?

I disagree with the concept of terrorism. A person is a criminal or not a criminal. Convicting a person of terrorism is just a way of saying, “your motive isn’t on the approved list.”

Right now in the United States it’s less criminal to kill a person so that you can take his sneakers than to do it for political reasons. Is that a reasonable distinction?


Pssst: its because they’re white.

In my humble left-wing nut job opinion, the Tribune, Sun-Times & Chicago Public Radio all did a great job of fairly covering the NATO3 trial. And they made very effective and timely use of Twitter. (Chicago Public Radio) (Sun-Times) (Tribune) (Sun-Times)

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