Verizon/Aol fined $5m for knowingly helping advertisers track children


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These ‘fines’ are nowhere near the level of getting the attention of the fined. It’s a write off. Corporations are people my friend and they are goddamed fucking sociopaths.


Wow, $5 million. [Dr. Evil pose]

Okay, they need to just scrap that law, then, because I guarantee you that it’s costing you a hell of a lot more to enforce than it is recouping in fines, and the fines are providing exactly 0 deterrence.


So that’s 1 million for each child using AOL?

I kid, I kid. I’m sure some parents ground their kids by saying no internet for 2 weeks, here is your AOL login. Now who has a smart mouth?


They’re totally going to just do it all again.


AOL still being around does not give me much hope about FB’s future.


Here’s a law that would be popular:

“Effective immediately, all corporate fines as outlined in previous laws are to be multiplied by 1000. No exceptions.”


That’ll teach them to be breadbaskets!


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