Verizon dumps AOL and Yahoo in fire sale

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I’m glad there’s a future for the internet that includes AOL. I’m nearly out of coasters.


I want Yahoo! to succeed and become relevant again, but I don’t think they deserve it.

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AOL certainly has earned a slow and painful death by PE firm.

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Don’t forget it was also Verizon that removed adult content from Tumblr too, causing it to lose 2/3 of its members overnight.


Last I heard, about 2 million people were still paying AOL for their free email accounts. That has to be worth something, or have those people all died off by now?


These two companies have to be some of the biggest repeatedly bad deals in business. Is there a bigger or better example of “buy this company to lose money” out there?

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It may be a money laundering scheme.

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AOL still exists?

What I want to know is:

Do I need to wipe my yahoo email to keep that data out of the hands of the mafia folks who just bought yahoo?

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Maybe the new owners can be convinced to cancel the shutdown of Yahoo Answers?

Is there any part of Yahoo that hasn’t leaked online at this stage?

Dear God I hope not.

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