Very beautiful (and very expensive) watch contains mechanical solar system model


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How obscene.


The Geo. Graham Orrery Tourbillon integrates a mechanical solar system model with meteorites as planets. It is just $330,000.

Hmm. Think I’ll simply design a similar digital watchface for my $200 Zenwatch3. Which also lets me talk on it during phone calls, lets me read emails, and various other useful things.


Pedants’ note: it is not a model of the solar system. It is a model containing Sun, Earth, Moon and Mars.

And holy fuck, it actually contains pieces of moon and mars.

Obscenely expensive, yes - but crafty² and spaceotaku³. I wonder why they made only eight. Is that a hint for fans of Pluto?


Really sweet. I’m a watch guy, and this is a pretty swank set of complications. Not at all in my pay grade, but I appreciate it to be sure. It’s fun to go to shows or shops and get to handle some amazing watches I’ll never be able to afford.


Gorgeous. I would think, though, that such a watch would require a less generic looking band.
I’ve seen 12$ bands that were identical at my local watch repair kiosk.


I dunno, bro: the price is wrong, but at the same time an enduring work of art carries high value.



It is a lovely artifact of late stage capitalism and technological artistry.


Limited edition of 8.

There’s only 20 of the black version…


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But that’s genuine endangered species leather!



For $330K, it’d better have a clear backplate, otherwise… OHHHH!.. you don’t wanna KNOW!


God help you if you ever need it repaired.


Here are some cool hi res shots -


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