Incredible and unaffordable solar system wristwatch with orbiting planets


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So what is the shooting star? Halley’s comet? A minute hand?


If I had a few hundred thousand to spare, I’d love to have my own li’l wrist-orrery! Plus, it tells time, so, you know, bonus.


I’d actually have a slight preference for a geocentric version that would show you where the planets were in the sky rather than how far around the Sun they were.


How much is the app for my smart watch?


In my books, if it doesn’t have Pluto it ain’t worth shit.


Can it track Elon’s roadster?


If I won a couple of millions in a lottery, I’d be very tempted to get that watch, or something similar. :slight_smile:


That would cost a bit more, with the complication of making gear trains that simulate the retrograde motion.


Don’t you know that you are?


Speaking of complications, you’ve helpfully provided the segue to my post.


I love wristwatches.

This is a really neat video with minute repeaters -


It’s so much money for a watch, but the craftsmanship commands awe.
Here’s a really good video of the making of a different high-end watch:



Sees price of over $200,000…



Fairly trivial to do with a smart watch I would think.


Here’s a similar but less pricey option


*longer if you forget to wind it


can i get instead an Antikythera device for the wrist? how about that? Archimedes can knock one together for lots less, Im thinking.

Van Cleef and Arpels, blech, i have pseudofrench levels of disdain for this crackerjack box pseudo-nerdbait.


I think I’ll stick with my casio, thanks


This one is a dollar. It’s almost the same I think.