Very enthusiastic geode hunter shows off his finds

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I have a several Geodes. One of the things me and the kiddo like to do when we go to the ren fair, is buy a “dragon egg” to crack. And we have done that at the gem and mineral show as well. She keeps a half and I keep a half. Sort of the geek version of the two heart half locket.

You can see a couple of them here on my thread towards the bottom. They are florescent!


Prettttty sure this is a Kyle Mooney character.

Wait - a river in Missouri??? Where?

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His dog looks like a cross between Sir Didymus from Labyrinth and Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you’re in Oregon, there’s a place I think a bit northeast of Bend called “Richardson’s Ranch” where, for you can dig thunder eggs, and the occasional geode. It’s not too expensive, and it’s a day of mucking about digging thunder eggs out of the walls of ravines.

If you’re in So. Cal, there’s a place (whose name I can’t remember) out near Blythe where you can do the same, but it’s on public land.

If trilobites are your thing, there’s a place east-northeast of 29 palms where there’s a Cambrian outcrop. It’s called “Marble Mountain”.


They are definitely my thing!!

Nope, don’t get it.

But, I watched it all.
I wonder if that says more about me or…

it’s a secret! But Fox River is allegedly where a lot of geodes can be found.


Three weeks later they come upon one of Matrix’s massive doggy droppings. Rock-hound Rob picks it up. “Look at this amazing geode!”


I found a geode at Nature’s Treasures in Austin TX shaped like a heart. Sawed it open and gave half to my best friend.
If you are ever in Austin and love pretty rocks visit Nature’s Treasures.


Apologies in advance:


I have a geode. But sadly, I no longer have a black light.

I do have family in Austin. But Jesus… Texas is a drive.

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