Vets find hardened mass inside dog who ate bottle of Gorilla Glue


IIRC, cats don’t have sweet recepors on their taste buds at all. They evolved to be obligate apex predators in arid environments, so sweet receptors would be a waste of DNA anyway.

To a cat, all chocolate tastes like baking chocolate.


Good for making me feel foolish paying for preformulated Fire-Resistant Great Stuf (different urethane glue with emphasis on mo’ better bubble) like someone who can’t mix mint into lanolin. I wanted Fire-Reactive too. Then there are 5 other varieties, and I’m going to feel super foolish when they crank out Redstone Great Stuf. At that point I’m going to order a punching bag with a paper from this week in on it, nee’ “Cerium stabilizes thin-film perovskite solar cells for long-duration solar exposure.”

As long as the cat can’t torture the glue bottle or get a reaction pulling out its hair before it tries a few bites, it’s not going to go for even bluefin sashimi glue. Bluefin tuna sashimi yarnball glue…hopefully comes with the number for vet insurance.


TAPE! Crinkly things!


The primary bad thing cats like to swallow seems to be rubber bands and associated rubber items.


… where it is too dark to read.


Dammit, I was halfway through a paraphrased Groucho joke when I read this.


We call that “kitty Roca” at my hospital.


Man, I wish it was endoscopically with the “claw”, but no… Surgical retrieval.

I’ve got tons of fun stories about GI foreign bodies: A pug that had a stone removed from his small intestine (blocked) once a year for three consecutive years… The golden retriever that had to have a resection/anastamosis due to a necrotic section of bowel (it was a “build a bear” doll head). The list goes on. Dogs eat TONS of weird stuff. My wife saw a dog that ate a glass meth pipe at her practice (it was of course “the neighbor’s”)…


Good timing, who knows what was inside that hardened mass.


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