Vets find hardened mass inside dog who ate bottle of Gorilla Glue

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Thankfully, she’s expected to make a full recovery.

That’s what I wanted to hear.


You forgot to mention that it made a perfect mold of her stomach! Gorilla Glue is some weird stuff, in that it expands when while it hardens. It makes it a little harder to work with for some projects because you have to clamp or weight things to keep them in the right position. But it’s very handy apparently for other purposes - maybe this mold making ability is useful in some way.


I find this story completely plausible. Not because of the photos but because I’ve seen a dog voluntarily eat rocks.


I’d say “Well, it won’t make that mistake again”, but it’s a dog so, yes, it will make that mistake again.


A friend insisted on using it to affix some rubber trim to a repainted motorcycle tank of mine. Horrible choice. Tank was re-repainted. Gorilla Glue foams as it cures.


He had to eat it, a child got into the glue enclosure.


Just last week my dog chewed up a tube of SuperGlue. He’s fine and I don’t know how he avoided gluing his yap shut, but I got it stuck on my fingers when I picked it up.


As @waetherman mentions, that stuff foams up and expands, and moisture activates it. So it’s likely the dog ate it with no problem and it didn’t cause any issues until it got to their belly.

My dog once chewed up an entire 100-foot strand of Christmas lights, because apparently she liked the way the glass crunched. I panicked until realizing she had managed to not cut herself or swallow a single shard. Dogs are crazy.


Yeah, that’s what they said about the dolphins…


Sure; it’s absolutely useful for making inside molds of dogs’ insides.


I’ve removed the same plastic toy out of a dog on two consecutive days…

(after the first surgery, the owner didn’t recognize it, and wanted it to show his wife (we wash extracted items and bag them up to show people), and he took it home. It went into the kitchen garbage, where the dog extracted the bag, ate it, and it was in almost the same place anatomically the next day… Fortunately, if you’ve got sutures from the previous day, it’s really easy to go back in as nothing has quite healed yet.

Also, this gorilla glue problem is actually a pretty common one. For some reason the stuff is tasty to dogs, and they seem to always finish off the bottle when they find it.


Let’s give it up for the veterinarians and vet techs out there.


Fascinating and good to know. We never kept these kinds of things in the house. They lived in the garage where they were most useful and the dog couldn’t get at them, but I definitely have a bottle of the stuff and I definitely would never have expected that. I shouldn’t be too surprised though, dogs are four-legged autonomous garbage disposals- as anyone with both litter boxes and a dog has discovered.

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Gad. In the basement I’ve got Fusion polyurethane glue, Elmer’s glue, Aleene’s glue, superglue, 5 minute epoxy, 30 minute epoxy, conductive silver epoxy, wood glue, liquid polystyrene cement, thick polystyrene cement, and Walther’s Goo. No dog in residence, but there are assorted cats present, who seem to have better sense. So far.


Cats are finicky enough with actual literal food. I suspect the reason dogs like these things is that they can often be sweet. Cats don’t have that same hard-on for sweets that a lot of critters developed. I remember my girlfriend used to get all kinds of shit from her roommates because she left a cheerio on the floor, or dropped a Tylenol, or let the cat sniff her coffee. And yes, Tylenol is poison to cats, but unless the cat has pica, is starved, or is the rare cat that likes to eat everything in sight, the cat’s not going to go for it beyond sniffing it. I mean, sure, take precautions, but don’t freak out. At this point I’ve had or been around multiple cats for years and I’m always surprised when cat owners get paranoid about this. Especially when they pull out the yarn to play with it. That is going to get swallowed.


Oh, yes. And ribbon. They loves ribbon.


Wow. And your mother-in-law said your Claw Machine repair shop was a silly and worthless venture.*


  • Take that, Irene!
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I had a dog who would eat whatever you offered to him. Made giving him his pills as an old dog very easy.

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