Vi Hart: cramming G+ into YouTube has made comments even worse, I'm leaving


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That’s a shame. I love watching her videos on Youtube with my daughters.


If Facebook ever ‘beats’ Google, it won’t be by building a better search engine, or through the magic of ‘social graph search’ or whatnot, it’ll be because they managed to scare Google into smearing a layer of ‘social networking’ shit across the surface of more or less all their products.

G+ started as a harmless, if worthless; backwater; but now you basically can’t touch a Google property without dismissing at least one dialog box demanding that you link absolutely everything, and your real name, to everything else; because Benefits!


The thing I don’t get is this “real name” business… Who the fuck uses their real name on anything online?

This is bad, I agree, but youtube comments had always been a bottom of the barrel bunch of racism, sexism and idiocy that were invariably a bigger waste of time than the video they relate to.


If the worst comments float to the top because people are replying to them then perhaps everyone should remember to not feed the trolls.


If you had any “good” commenters on YouTube you must have been pretty radically obscure. My advice: disable YouTube comments, start a blog, embed video, keep your comments there.

I’m much more heartbroken that Herp Derp has been killed by this.


Of course, it also doesn’t help that all the people who can’t deal with change are throwing their fucking toys out of the pram about this change, and upvoting shithouse comments to prove that the system is “Broken”. And then, they complain that the fact they upvoted a giant ASCII penis to the top of the comments is an indication of how everything is terrible now and G+ is literally the Antichrist bringing the end of days. I cannot fucking wait till this bloody festival of sooking is over, and we can get back to business as normal.

Really, it’s the same people who whinge about Facebook changing it’s interface every single time, demanding a return to the previous update. And no, this isn’t special just because people can articulate their feelings on the issue in a way that sounds plausibly objective - I’ve seen the same thing happen with Facebook interface changes, people articulate these wonderful arguments about interface semantics, colour, flow, anything you can think of involving the design of an interface. Then they’re arguing the exact opposite twelve months later when they’re firmly used to it, and Facebook tries to bring in the next interface update.


boogie/Francis has said similar and more. I was surprised at the giant, gaping holes G+ has left in basic community management. It really makes it clear that the Google user experience is a complete afterthought to corralling everyone’s online behavior and monetizing the shit out of it.


I just logged into my Yahoo account to mention how much I hate the bbs and wish there were still the old comments after the articles.



…because you’re unsure as to which article the comments refer? You aren’t capable of operating two tabs?



It’s abundantly clear now that there are more than enough people who are willing to be jerks under their real names.

This is certainly the case with Facebook comments. Not sure why G+ would be any different.


Two real problems with this article -

1)G+ is flagging? In what mad universe is that? It’s the second biggest social network on the planet(Third by a wide margin? Twitter.) and has been showing consistent and accelerating growth for far longer than they’ve been linked to YouTube. While I’m sure that my disqus inbox will, before too long, be filled with excuses as to why it really isn’t the biggest social network on the planet for convoluted and wildly illogical reasons, the fact still remains - according to the best numbers we have they’re not flagging in the least.

2)“In the meantime, people who have good reason not to post under their own names – vulnerable people, whistleblowers, others --”

Oh yeah, I remember when Edward Snowden dumped the NSA files into a youtube comment under his own G+ account, and when Bradley Manning dodged capture because the government couldn’t connect his youtube account to his G+.

Seriously, are you trying to tell me that youtube comments are some vast, under-appreciated source of whistleblower leaks? Or maybe, that any vulnerable people who were not already aware that their G+ account has been linked to their Google plus account for 12 months or so, are somehow so stupid that they can’t set up an account under a Pseudonym, despite being able to perform an identical process under their real name? If you’re a vulnerable person, why are you doing a single goddamn thing online under your real name? Or that somehow, the pseudo-anonymity of youtube comments was the last great, safe bastion for those under threat, those that needed protection from hostile fucking anyone at all, and that this pseudo-anonymity is now forever lost to us?

Christ, Corey, I know this is in your wheelhouse, but do you think you could turn the rhetoric dial back just a few clicks mate?

Finally, this hasn’t been a secret. It was announced at least a month in advance, nobody said anything. G+ accounts have been linked to every other part of youtube for about 12 months, nobody said anything. It’s only now that there’s a change that you actually notice while using youtube instead of just clicking whatever button makes that dialog box telling you all of this go away that we’ve started complaining. Not when it started. Not when we were told it was going to happen. But only now, when it actually happened in a way that we can’t click a box to ignore is it the worst thing ever, and it destroys our privacy, liberties, and very way of life. Can you see why maybe people - and google, for that matter - just might not take you seriously?


I pretty much always use my real name across all sites.

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The underreported story here is what happened to G+ when YouTube’s comment system was integrated in: YouTube’s notorious comment trolls are now infesting G+.
G+ just got a lot more interesting.


This is why I don’t move off of Usenet. Because it is so much more pleasant there.


When Google asked me if I wanted to link my real name Google+ profile to my YouTube account (they share the same email address), I said no and they automatically created a separate Google+ page for the YouTube username. It is my username plus some random numbers and contains nothing but a link to my YouTube page. There have been no demands that I merge the accounts or use my real name on on the YouTube account, so I am not sure what this YouTube-Google+ integration does beyond reordering the comments and allowing people to limit who sees their comments.


I G-minus, currently.

G-minus chord played cyberly…

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G+ screwed itself over big time with the invitation-only aspect. Everyone I knew was aching for an account, but by the time it had a critical mass of people, people had given up on it.


JK, Google owns me, free of charge, dammit…