Vice now has a Securedrop for anonymous whistleblower docs

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So did the CBC recently


Doesn’t Vice include as corporate owners Disney and Fox? I mean…is THAT who you want to send your whisteblower docs to?


If you are a whistleblower or anyone else who needs to safely communicate information to the media, DO NOT TRUST VICE MEDIA. EVER.

Seriously, They’re a pack of incompetent scumbags, delivering fresh, steaming, stinking horseshit wrapped up in slick marketing. Remember the time they got John McAfee arrested by failing the most basic source protection so they could post a fucking vanity shot as sizzle for a story they bribed their way into? Remember the time they set the cops on Canadian filmmaker Daniel Voshart under completely false pretenses, because he started publishing information about them they preferred to keep hidden? Remember how they’ve been caught numerous times outright lying and faking stories? Remember how their advertising/business side has editorial control, as well as HR control, and has both spiked stories and fired writers who offend clients and/or potential clients? Remember the part where their own media guide points out that you can buy editorial coverage for about 30K? Remember the time they exploited a charity to make a ginned-up documentary about revenge driven murders in chicago to market a fucking video game?

I could go on rather longer, but I think I’ve made my point.

As a reader, or going to them as a whistleblower or source: No matter how many securedrops they set up, DO NOT TRUST VICE. EVER. Especially in the latter case, and especially if you feel you may be in any danger of any sort as a result of the information you’re trying to communicate.


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