Kinda surprised no one here is talking about how Xeni spilled a huge pot of tea about WikiLeaks


I’ve never been a fan of the concept of ‘radical transparency’, even before Wikileaks made their position as a tool of the Russian state clear. It’s a telling clue that the radical transparantists themselves are often not all that transparent about the inner workings of their own organisations (e.g. one Pirate Party holding only on camera meetings to begin with, before starting to hold secret meetings when they realise they can’t actually get anything done when everything occurs out in the open). I’m more a fan of pragmatic transparency.

Nice one @xeni!

Is there anyone setting up an alternative to WikiLeaks? One with a more transparent and democratic operational structure would be nice, another private fiefdom to be used as a tool in geopolitical chess isn’t going to make things any better.

Maybe they don’t need to be replaced though, newspapers and broader organisations of investigative journalists seems to have done a decent job of picking up the slack in recent years.

It took a lot to get there, many got tired of Wikileaks when they started posting antisemitic tweets seemingly confirming the “rumors” Assange would regularly rant about Jews. They have been a far-right organization pretty much openly for a long time, and Assange as the always defended front man who believes in white plight, grand conspiracies, and spreading transparency through cloak-and-dagger deals with the elite only further hurts the reputation.

There’s SecureDrop, software offered by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which lets news orgs set up and run their own leaking and whistleblowing reporting operations. I think several groups are using it.

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Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I was referring to. Do we need an organisation to oversee leaks any more?

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There’s an article over on The Intercept that captures some of the reponse from Barrett Brown to the revelation that WL was working with the Trump campaign to give the appearance of impartiality. Chickens coming home a bit too late to the roost, IMHO.

Perhaps worst of all, it’s not even a wiki.

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