Kickstarting "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop" about Aaron Swartz's last project

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Is this more or less the same as WikiLeaks?

Really? That’s actually quite shocking. How can it be possible that a smart and well-connected friend-of-Cory with decades in the infowars trenches didn’t know that Wikileaks’ central breakthrough came through Julian Assange createing a system in which he, the publisher, DID not, and indeed COULD not know the source of his leaks?

This actually leads me to another mystery related to this very issue. All the mainstream media hailed Secure Drop as a breakthrough without mentioning the idea’s origins with Assange. Unsurprising. But I don’t remember anyone from SecureDrop mentioning it, either. Never crediting the hero who actually made it happen & changed the world with it. Why?

In fact, I believe your mention of it in this post is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone of the progressives & copyfighters and Aaron fans that I follow specifically and concretely acknowledge that debt. The idea that you, who are so connected that you’re making a documentary about it, learned about SecureDrop’s debt to Assange “only recently” really boggles my mind.

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